sum1 W2S3 [sʌm] n
2 the sum of something
3 greater/more/better etc than the sum of its parts
5 do your sums
6 in sum
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: summe, from Latin summa, from summus 'highest']
1.) ¦(MONEY)¦
an amount of money
He owes me a large sum of money .
sum of
the sum of £4000
large/substantial/considerable etc sum
Bill wants to spend a large sum on modernizing the farm.
small/modest/trifling etc sum
for a large/small etc sum
We should be happy to buy it for a modest sum.
→↑lump sum
princely sum atprincely
2.) the sum of sth
the total produced when you add two or more numbers or amounts together
You will have to pay the sum of the two sets of costs.
3.) greater/more/better etc than the sum of its parts
having a quality or effectiveness as a group that you would not expect from the quality of each member
The team is greater than the sum of its parts.
a simple calculation by adding, multiplying, dividing etc, especially one done by children at school
5.) do your sums
informal BrE to calculate whether you have enough money to do something
Do your sums first before you decide how much to spend.
6.) in sum
formal used before a statement that gives the main information about something in a few simple words
In sum, soul music is important to the record industry.
→↑sum total
sum 2
sum2 v past tense and past participle summed present participle summing
sum up phr v
1.) to give the main information in a report, speech etc in a short statement at the end
Gerald will open the debate and I will sum up.
to sum up
To sum up, for a healthy heart you must take regular exercise and stop smoking.
sum sth<=>up
In your final paragraph, sum up your argument.
2.) when a judge sums up or sums up the case at the end of a ↑trial, he or she explains the main facts of the case
3.) sum sth<=>up
to describe something using only a few words
The city's problem can be summed up in three words: too many people.
4.) sum sth<=>up
to show the most typical qualities of someone or something
That image sums up the whole film.
5.) sum sb/sth<=>up
to form a judgment or opinion about someone or something
Pat summed up the situation at a glance.
6.) that (about) sums it up
spoken used to say that a description of a situation is correct
'So you want us to help you change but you don't believe change is possible?' 'That about sums it up.'

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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